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Large Trough Planters in Wood

Wooden raised bed garden planters

Large Wooden Trough Planters (Sustainably sourced Larch)

Larch Raised Trough Planters are available in standard sizes from 1m to 1.6m in length

We also offer a bespoke size service - Please email us at

Constructed for use in our own design work, including natural screens

All of our Large Raised Wood Trough Planters are made by local UK craftsmen to order.

The commercial quality and side panel thickness and mitred joints, ensures that our planters

have a professional finish and are guaranteed for 10 years.

Constructed from hand selected Larch from sustainably managed woodlands,

our Larch planters have a natural preservative and need no further treatment

There are NO TOXIC PRESERVATIVES in our latch planters

When first made they have a natural reddish wood hue,

but within a season will weather to an attractive silver grey finish.


Available standard sizes + Bespoke service

NOTE: All sizes are made to a high commercial standard with 5cm thick Larch panels,

in contrast to the much thinner panels used in the construction of most domestic planters


L100 x D40 x H40 cm - £129.00

L100 x D40 x H45 cm - £142.00

L100 x D40 x H50 cm - £155.00


L130 x D40 x H40 cm - £148.00

L130 x D40 x H45 cm - £159.00

L130 x D40 x H50 cm - £173.00


L150 x D40 x H40 cm - £155.00

L150 x D40 x H45 cm - £189.50

L150 x D40 x H50 cm - £214.00


L160 x D40 x H50 cm - £225.00


NOTE: We also supply a bespoke Larch Planter.

Please email your request to:


DELIVERY - Most sizes are delivered by courier or pallet service.

The largest 3 sizes are too heavy for standard courier service

and require delivery by pallet. Hence the higher delivery cost.

FREE DELIVERY to most areas of mainland UK for Orders over £300.

Please call or email for delivery cost surcharge by courier or pallet companies to

The Scottish Highlands Aberdeenshire, Northern Ireland, Channel and Scilly Isles

Quantity :


We can also supply a bespoke Larch Planter with support posts and frame

to support our Natural Living Screens

The Living Screen Larch troughs and frames are made to order

Please call us on 01752 829178 or email


As each large wood planter is made locally to order, we offer a bespoke size service -

Please call or emai for a quote.We can supply bespoke sizes

Please call 01752 829178 or

complete quote form

Colour staining our large wooden trough planters

The large wooden larch planters have their own natural preservative

and are therefore supplied in a natural wood finish .

As they have not been treated external stain colours can be applied

We recommend Cuprinol Shades range.

Popular colours that we use in our own designs include


Raised Large Wood Planter in Black Ash planted with Buxus

Raised Large Larch Planters with legs in Sea Grass planted with hardy succulents


Please call 01752 829178 or

complete quote form

Bespoke large wooden troughs with our natural screens

Lechuza Self Watering Planters

Lechuza Self Watering Planters in a roof garden design


Please call 01752 829178 or

complete quote form



Softwood planters used as instant screening can be joined to extend any length


Large planters ideal for complementing the built environment

Contact us or ring for a quote to install or supply large planters

We have produced a range of trough planters made specifically to support our Instant Natural Screens. They are supplied with support posts and fittings to accommodate each Living Screen securely.

As with our main trough ra+nge they can also be used for Mediterraneanand tropical plants.

Designing with large wooden trough planters Contact us for garden design

Softwood planters are at home in any built environment

Plant with Rootgrow Professional for early plant establishment and help protect against drought stress in a well draining soil mix suited to the plant species. Water in with seaweed-based Maxicrop original seaweed extract.


Contact us for a quote for these bespoke troughs and supports

Contact us for trough planters with supports Troughs in a choice of colours    
    Rootgrow Professional

Growing organically - as easy as ABC

Feed the soil not the plant - that is the organic gardening way. Recreate the soil's natural 'rhizosphere' with Rootgrow mycorrhizae. Read more


Rootgrow Professional- Buy now Rootgrow Mycorrhiza


For all your interior and exterior planting and garden designs

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