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Container gardening is the growing of plants, including edible plants, exclusively in containers instead of planting them in the ground. A container in gardening is usually portable object used for displayingmay take the form of a pot, trough, tub, basket, tin, barrel or hanging basket. They range from traditional pots to complex automatically watered irrigation systems, and can stand on the floor, hang on railings, from roof overhangs or can be attached to walls. This flexibility in style and design is why container gardening is popular with growers. They are particularly popular for urban gardeners on porches, front steps, and—in urban locations—on rooftops. Self-watering planters are a type of container that have become very popular  to provide optimum growing conditions 

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  • Not everyone has a rambling garden or even an outdoor space.
  • For many gardeners, in particular Urban Gardeners, growing flowers or vegetables in containers is a necessity.
  • Urban gardening often means growing on rooftops, balconies, courtyards, or whatever little space the gardener has available, including taking advantage of a wall space with living wall containers
  • Container Gardening makes growing plants far more accessible to people with physical disabilities, and enables the plants, including vegetables to be far easier to reach and look after.
  • Growing in containers allows you to control the soil type conditions which makes growing vegetables especially challenging for gardeners with poor soil.
  • In urban or rural areas, container gardening is also an ideal way to avoid your plants being eaten or damaged by pests
  • Containers allow you to be more creative, as, unlike traditional planting in the ground, you can move your arrangements around to optimise their effect.
  • You can also move the container plants that are that in bloom or looking at their best into their best viewing position, and give those that have flowered a rest.
  • Some containers include removable liners, which allow you to easily change the plants to suit the changing seasons.
  • Select the right container and size. Whatever style of container you choose, for healthy growth it is essential that you provide the plants with adequate room for for the root systems to grow.
  • Select the right position for your containers. Sun loving plants should be placed in a south or west-facing location. Shade loving plants should be grown in pots placed in the shade. If possible, also position your containers to avoid extreme cold and drying winds from harming your plants. .
  • Select the correct compost for the type of plants you want to grow. For most plants a lightweight, multipurpose compost, rich in nutrients and with good water retentive properties is perfect. Other plants, such as succulents, require a more free draining compost, with reduced nutrient content.
  • Watering is an important consideration for container gardening, as they can dry out in a single day during the hot dry summer months, particularly if on a balcony or terrace location. Ideally use self-watering planters that will enable you to go away for short while, knowing that your plants will have an adeqaute water supply. A timer based irrigation system is also ideal.
  • Feeding container plants is essential, as they will quickly deplete the limited supply from the compost. Slow release fertilizer granules, such as Osmacote, are ideal, as they will provide a supply of essential nutrients for up to 6 months


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