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Beautiful exotic and unusual gardens are not rare these days. Everywhere you look, in suburban gardens and townscapes are amazing displays of world plants.

How do they do that? you wonder. Can I have plants like that? Will they survive the winter?

Of course! Just check out those planting schemes year on year - they do survive! The world is full of beautiful plants that are tough survivors, yet they are still elegantly stunning, breathtakingly colourful and just - well, superb.

Palms and other exotic plants have been growing out of doors in Britain for centuries. Parts of England and Scotland are officially classed as sub-tropical, and the climate is still getting warmer! We all have our worries about this, but one thing is for certain, in our lifetime Mediterranean temperatures in parts of the UK are here to stay. The upside in our country, is that a new invasion of world plant species has arrived and is being enjoyed in gardens and townscapes all around us, no more so than in the south-West.

At East of Eden Plants, not only do we plant the 'average' tried and tested exotic plant varieties that have been used over the past years, but we also use new naturalised and tested species growing in this country, giving you an even wider choice of colour, form and texture for your garden.

We have scientific knowledge of the growing requirements of our vast exotic plant selections and have the experience of their good plant natures and habits and preferred habitats.

Our artistic and design experience and appreciation of planting schemes for effect means you can design your garden with us with confidence.

In short, we know our plants!

From boggy bottoms to sun-baked tops, we know what will be happy where, what goes together, how to create stunning effects of form, colour and texture with a wider array of world plants than you may yet be aware of, with new varieties being added to the list all the time.

All our palms and native trees are superb specimens, selected for quality and appearance, and ready for garden and all landscaping projects.

With over 5,000 world plants growing in our private nursery and our regular supply to, and collection from, the national network of nurseries and growers throughout England, we can help you design in confidence with new opportunities of choice to create the garden of your dreams.





We recommend Rootgrow for all new planting.



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Trees ~ centrepieces of any garden design project

Whether its classic UK garden design, or tropical or Mediterranean garden design themes, we source and specify only the best quality trees we can find. Where we can, we use airpot grown trees.

The traditional UK tree planting season is the dormant period October through to early March with bare root stock, but with airpot grown trees the rootball is undisturbed and can be planted throughout the year. The use of Rootgrow mycorrhiza increases success rates.

Top tree selection

Our expertise of what grows where means we will select the right trees for you.

Life's too short to choose bad trees

Not all trees will do well in every situation.

Like all plants, trees are suited to their own environments and need their own growing conditions.

Always choose the best trees available, in particular you should pay attention to the root system.

We supply guarenteed quality plant stock always.

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All sizes of trees available

Where possible we supply trees with the airpot system.

Olive trees are very well suited to UK gardens, especially small gardens and courtyard settings. They are slow growing and frost hardy when mature and create a perfect sense of peace wherever they appear.

The olive is the symbol of peace and prosperity - so say it with an olive tree!

Olive trees for sale

Olive trees - the symbol of peace and prosperity

Palms for all occasions

A wide selection of interior palms is available.

Use our plant finder or contact us to find out more.

Mediterranean climate trees

Cupressus Sempervirens
Pyrus calleryana Chanticleer - with inset flower We design and supply planting schemes to suit all kinds of gardens and landscaping projects.

(Pear) Pyrus calleryana Chanticleer (above - and right, in autumn glory) is particularly suited to the smaller garden, and are a good buy right now.

Pyrus calleryana Chanticleer - in autumn glory
Virtual Design - See your garden transformed

Use our unique landscaping and design services for a complete garden transformation. Virtually unbeatable!

Pleached lime trees and box hedging with citrus focal points - for a private Mediterranean dream garden

  Wedding Cake Tree

From garden planning and concept.. design and implementation, including..

.. plant selection..

.. plant sourcing..
  ..plant delivery..

..and planting!


We supply the complete garden transformation service.


Chusan palm - click to enlarge

We do palms and other exotic trees as well as Mediterrranean trees and plants including olive trees

For beautiful garden design and landscaping with hardy exotic, tropical, Mediterranean and other world plants  
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