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Bespoke trough planter in London

Bespoke trough planters in London

Balcony Self Watering Hanging Planters

Roof terrace garden design and ideas
Contemporary Roof Garden theme

Roof terrace screen in troughs
Balcony Lightweight troughs

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Roof Garden and Roof Terrace Garden – Ideas and Design

If your building has little or no garden, then creating a roof terrace garden can be the answer. Properly undertaken, a roof garden or roof terrace adds value to your building and will make a remarkable extra living space. Balconies, too, can be transformed with the right plants.


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Bespoke planters in London
Bespoke trough planters being set up for a London venue

Types of Roof Terrace Garden

A roof garden can be anything from a minimalist installation to a green oasis.

Your space will have to take into consideration existing factors such as size, adjacent buildings, point of access, existing structures and obstacles such as vents or chimneys, and whether you have an existing flat area, or one needs to be constructed.

We can create anything from a simple screened area to a complex plantscape, or anything in between.

As with any garden assessment, we will analyse the roof area with you and design your terrace garden with you.

Contact us for roof garden themes in all styles including tropical, Japanese, Mediterranean and bespoke contemporary gardens.

Roof terrace garden plants

Roof Terrace Garden Design Ideas

Every roof is different and your design and layout will depend on a number of factors.

  • Point of access
  • Areas of privacy / screening
  • Features, such as a pool, water rill for thirsty plants, water-features, a pond: planters, trellis, vertical planting structures


Working with the local conditions

Depending which way your roof terrace garden will face will make a difference to the amounts of sun and wind.

Where possible we maximise the shelter from existing walls and add special trellis, growing frames and wind breaks against which to plant.

Adding trellis and growing frames will also help with privacy.



  Plants suitable for roof terrace gardens and balconies

Roofs are extreme environments for plants.
At times they can be windy deserts. We choose wind and drought tolerant plants.

We also have self-watering trough planters and self-watering balcony planters with removable liners, so that delicate plants can be nurtured in more sheltered places and put into position for special occasions.

This still gives an enormous palette from which to design. We are experts in designing for extreme environments, including roof terrace gardens.

Where weight, excessive exposure or maintenance is an issue we have developed a versatile solution using faux hedging and artificial grasses.

We have developed sustainable systems and techniques to cope with extreme growing environments like roof garden terraces.

If your roof is strong enough, the sky's the limit on plants.

Roof-terrace garden plants

Roof terrace gardens are an extreme environment for plants. We are experts in extreme environments and know which plants to select (still a wide palette) used in conjunction with design features that will create a sustainable environment for the plants with as low a maintenance as possible.


Faux box hedging for roof terraces and gardens
ABOVE Faux Buxus (Box) hedge is a versatile solution to roof terrace garden screening

RIGHT Faux box hedging makes a stylish contemporay finish with no maintenance

Screening options for roof terrace gardens

Where weight, excessive exposure or maintenance is an issue we have developed a versatile solution using faux hedging and artificial grasses.

Faux-box hedging creates a wind-break and a sight screen, while being lighter than real hedge and eliminates the need for heavy soil.

Faux box hedging

BELOW Faux Buxus (Box) hedge screening in detail

Faux Buxus hedging

Faux box hedging in London
Instant hedging screens
Instant screening - living panels in troughs using Hedera (Ivy) to screen air-conditioning units. More


Instant hedges and screens Instant hedges and screens


East of Eden bespoke and standard troughsStandard and bespoke wooden troughs Instant hedges and screens


Working with Balconies  
Balcony planters with self watering systems Balcony planter bracket detail

Balcony planters Balcony planters range
Balcony planters


Roof terrace gardens can become short of water very quickly. We use lightweight planters with self-watering systems and our own bespoke troughs which are deep enough to contain water-retention systems inside them.

Balcony Cubico self watering planters

Versatile ~

Self-watering planters for use indoors and out

Lightweight and indestructible, our tough planters come complete with a self-watering system for low maintenance. Larger sizes come with a separate liner to lift a succession of plants in and out.

Self-watering planters self watering planters
Self watering planters for roof gardens and interiors


Things to do first - How to find out if your roof is suitable for a terrace garden

There are some mandatory steps to take first before you let your imagination run wild, and we can say ‘Yes, you can have a roof terrace garden, what would you like?’

Will I be overlooking others?
This can happen but doesn’t have to be a show-stopper, but you will probably need planning permission, plus some of our bespoke screening options.

How much extra weight will my roof take?
Imagine your garden planters fill up with water (ours don't, by the way): 1 cubic metre of water = 1 tonne. Add a foot of snow on top of that. Add all the people piling onto your roof to see the amazing snowfall.. You get the idea. A favourable structural report is absolutely essential before creating a terrace garden. We work with structural surveyors,  architects and building professionals to make sure that the pre-requirements for planting are positively confirmed.

We work with architects, surveyors and building professionals, however:-

We do not accept any responsibility or liability for any aspect of the planning requirements or structural suitability of your roof garden, balcony or terrace. We advise that you seek advice from a suitably qualified professional or your local authority before creating a roof garden.

Below is a list of considerations to go through for beginning a roof garden project. For any roof terrace garden you will need to complete these initial steps.

Step 1
Contact your local authority to establish if planning consent or building control is required.

You must comply with all planning consent and building control requirements. A phone call to your local government office will start this process.

Step 2
Find out if your roof will take the weight of a terrace garden. You may have weight restrictions or be able to add to your existing structure. Use the services of a structural engineer or a surveyor.

Step 3
Contact us by email, contact form or telephone us on 01752 829178 to arrange a site visit. We will work with you to get the best out of your roof terrace garden. We create our own roof terrace gardens as well as supplying roof terrace garden plants and accessories to trade professionals.


I haven't got a flat roof but would still like a roof terrace or balcony garden extension

If you don't have a flat area on your roof for a garden, you could consider making one. It is possible to extend out through your roof and create a balcony area. Of course, planning permission and building regulations still apply.  

Here is a link to one option made by Velux: You may still need planning permission. Check with your local authority.

Contact us for a Japanese roof garden Japanese roof garden Japanese roof garden

Call us for collaborative teamworking on any design project from simply supplying exotic and tropical plants for interiors, to complete refurbishment designs and development schemes.

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Balcony planters with self watering systemsRoof terrace Planters with self watering systems
Roof garden, roof terrace and Balcony Planters

Complete planters with hidden internal self watering systems

Full self watering planters range Self watering planters


Roof garden, roof terrace and Balcony Planters

So how much will it cost?

It depends on you and your garden, of course. With us, most of your investment goes on the plants, so we are not as expensive as you may think.

We work to all budgets large and small.

To contact us for a quote and to send us your garden images use our contact form.

Often, designs start with a single plant, like a feature olive tree.

If you don't ask us for our ideas you will never know, will you?

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Self watering planters




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